• Services
  • Storage and complimentary services
In order to provide more support to logistics and port operations, Poly Terminais offers complementary services which streamline the handling and flow of our Clients' products.

  • Containers storage, unpacked cargo and liquid bulk;
  • Containers unitization and deunitization
  • Containers and unpacked cargo weighting
  • Red Channel check and Mapa ( Brazilian Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Food supply);
  • Samples collection;
  • Product labeling;
  • Revenue stamps collection
  • Documents consolidation and unconsolidation
  • Palletization;
  • Pallets dismantling, separation and assembly
  • Nationalization on wheels;
  • Road transportation (containers and unpacked cargo transportation, distribution and customs transit (DTA/DTC).

Besides four wide bonded customs structure, Poly Terminais provides complete logistics, including warehouses destined to distribution centers, connected services and transport. There are over 20 thousand m2 of warehouses destined to nationalized products, we offer warehouse managing services, kit assembly and repacking for the final destination.
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