Poly Terminais has modern installations equipped with cutting edge technology and management software that allow full visibility of your processes. We also have a highly skilled team that contributes with innovative solutions to meet your needs.
The services offered by Poly Terminais are: port operations for containers, unpacked load and liquid bulk, correctly licensed and bonded for nationalization of products by Brazilian IRS (Receita Federal), and products verification by varied federal departments, such as MAPA (Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Food Supply), ANVISA (Brazilian Health Surveillance Agency) and Ministério do Exército (Ministry of the Army), allowing the embarking and disembarking service of products destined to or coming from abroad.



    • Loading and unloading ships operation
    • Special cargo embarking and disembarking
    • Deconsolidation and Consolidation of less than a container load (LCL)

    For more support to the logistics and port operations, Poly Terminais Portuários S.A offers complementary services which streamline the manipulation and outflow of its clients' products.

    • Containers storage, unpacked cargo and liquid bulk;
    • Containers unitization and deunitization;
    • Customs inspection, Ministry of Agricultures, Livestock ad Food Supply, Brazilian Health surveillance Agency and Ministry of the Army;
    • Samples collection;
    • Product labeling;
    • Tax stamps;
    • Documentary consolidation and non-consolidation;
    • Palletization and orders preparation;
    • Pallets dismantling, separation and assembly;
    • Road transportation - container transportation, unpacked cargo, distribution and customs transit arrangement (DTA/DTC).
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