Poly Terminais S.A. is a private terminal which was born in September 2008 after negotiations with Dow Brasil, the owner and operator of the liquid bulk terminals since 1976. Poly Terminais then purchases the terminal with 80,000m2, and from that moment on, started the dream to expand it in a way it could be a new option of support to the logistic chain in Santa Catarina. Poly Terminais already affords an area of 245,000 m2, involving the bonded area and complementary customs area.
Poly Terminais Portuários is one of the companies that are part of Grupo Poly. It operates in the International Logistic segment, combining quality, modernity and high experience in port services, being a very well-known option as an efficient and modern operator, with strategic investments in infrastructure and IT, aiming to always meet the needs and demands of its Clients. It also involves a highly skilled professionals team, focusing in helping customers and identifying opportunities for operational and costs optimization.
Our differential is in our personalized treatment dedicated to our clients, adapting to their needs with modern technological structure, integrating logistics and with a highly qualified team.


Our intelligent PORT LOGISTICS

Our procedures are molded inside the experience of multidisciplinary professionals. Our technology team, highly qualified, provides to the Client total access and interactivity with their operations.
As a private terminal, bonded, we promote investments in system technology, monitoring and security in a way that the Client may be assured that their cargo is safe. Our monitoring central operates 24/7 and has the most modern equipment for covering every perimeter of the area of our terminal. Inside, exhausting studies were made in order to make inexistent blind points or without total coverage of the cameras.
The management and control "software" was developed so that it could assure fast information to the Clients about the condition and state of theirs cargo, and mainly, certifying comfort and agility in the service request. The most important aspect is that we aim to give sequence to our investments in this area, because Poly Terminais' goal is to guarantee that the Client is able to know the status of their cargo in real time and so organize with agility the service they would to realize.



Providing measurable benefits to our Clients through safe and reliable port logistics services.


Being a Market leader well known by its quality of services provided and customer support.


Ethics, efficiency, innovation and respect to the environment.
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José Luiz Marcelino Street, 1400, Murta neighborhood, Itajaí, SC – Brazil