TABLE I - Use of Berthing Facilities
Item Value
1. Per linear meter of the total length of the moored boat in long distance operation, for the period of 12 hours or fraction 3.06
2. Per linear meter of the total length of the moored boat in cabotage operation, for the period of 12h or fraction 2.45
a) The mooring period starts anytime and expires after every 12hours or fraction.

b) The length of the ship stern ramp "Roll-on-Roll-off"?, when open, must be summed to the total length of the boat for this table calculation

c) The minimum tax charged will be of 100 meters, for period, for boat.

TABELA II - Storage Services
Item Value
1.1 First period (10 days or fraction) - on the CI value (proof of import) 0.275%
1.2 After 10th day (per day) on the CI value (import receipt) 0.145%
2.1 First period - 10 days or fraction - on the value of the product declared on CI (proof of import) 0.84%
2.1.1 Minimum billing value / bill
2.2 Second period (per day) - On the value of the product declared on CI 0.21%
2.2.1 Minimum value - 11th to 15th day per day by HBL 74.00
2.3 Third period (per day) - On the value of the product declared on CI 0.25%
2.3.1 Minimum value from 16th day on - Per day by HBL 74.00
3.1 periods of 30 days or fraction by HBL 3,000.00
4.1 First period of 10 days Free
4.2 After the 10th day - By tons or fraction per day 8.00
4.3 Receipt/ loading / Per invoice 300.00
4.4 Minimum storage - Per invoice 200.00

TABELA III - Operational Values
Item Value
1. Import Operational Values LCL / Consolidated cargo
1.1 Consolidated Cargo Administrative Tax - per HBL 500.00
1.2 Loading - per HBL 400.00
1.3 Receipt via DTA - per HBL 200.00
1.4 Picking / Pallet 20.00
2. Container handling (per container)
2.1 (Handling in/out 400.00
2.2 Handling with excess ( handling in/out) 700.00
2.3 Non-invasive inspection (scanner) 800.00
a) For the execution of this service should also be requested item
3. Positioning
3.1 Container Positioning for inspection MAPA (Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Food Supply) / RFB / ANVISA (Brazilian Health Surveillance Agency) / Expurgo / Private 200.00
3.2 Pallet positioning for inspection MAPA (Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Food Supply) / RFB / ANVISA (Brazilian Health Surveillance Agency) / Expurgo / Private 20.00
4. Picking
4.1 Picking per pallet 20.00
5. Deunitization / Unitization
5.1 Container stripping (20') pallets / mechanized 700.00
5.2 Container stripping (40') pallets / mechanized 800.00
5.3 Manual container stripping (20') 900.00
5.4 Manual container stripping (40') 1,000.00
5.5 Manual container stripping (20') with the use of stacker 1,050.00
5.6 Manual container stripping (40') with the use of stacker 1,300.00
a) In case of import container reunitization, the charged value for the services will be to the same for stripping value.

b) For the transshipping service, the price is a result of the following services values: Positioning, stripping and loading.
6. Unpacked cargo loading (by truck)
6.1 Loading - mechanic / pallets 300.00
6.2 Loading - manual / unpacked cargo 600.00
7. Accessory services
7.1 Pallet stripping - unit 100.00
7.2 Stripping, separation and pallet assembly (for inspection) - unit 180.00
7.3 Cargo measuring - per volume 15.00
7.4 Palletization - including the pallet 200.00
7.5 Unpacked cargo weighting - per truck 350.00
7.6 Unpacked cargo weighting - up to 2,000 kg 300.00
7.7 Container weighting - unit 200.00
7.8 Recounting - by volume (positioning included) 25.00
7.9 Photograph - up to 5 photographs 100.00
7.10 Remarking / Labeling Please, check with us
7.11 Cargo separation - by volume Please, check with us

TABELA IV - Varied Services
Item Value
1. Water supply through the pipeline to ship or consumer installed in the harbor area, per cubic meter 2.50
2. Electric power supply for reefer container or via clip-on containers, per container with maximum storage of 10 days, for 24 hours or fraction 90.00
3. Electric power supply for refrigerated vehicles for 12 hours or fraction 90.00

a) The cases included in this table will be subject to analysis and negotiation between the directly interested parties.
b) Cargo Storage IMO - Additional of 100%
c) Chemicals: In case of import of chemicals, please consult us by sending emergency sheet and MSDS for analysis and confirmation of receipt of cargo by Poly terminals.
d) The stripping that are requested after the arrival the enclosure will result in additional cost of R$ 300 / unit.
e) Non-attendance at scheduled times for loading will result in load positioning cost.
f) For loading in containers, scheduled and confirmed passwords starting from 7pm on will be charged, due to night hours, the amount of R$ 100 / container.
g) Forfeiture: Storage charges will be charged to the legal deadline stablished by the Internal Revenue Service or the date of product seizure, what happens last, as Customs Regulation. With the release of the goods even after the term of seizure, the charging will occur until the date of the release date of the goods, as IN RF 69, Art. 2 (06/16/99)
h) Faults: The CNTR faults reefer (NOR): Due to the impossibility of inspection of reefer equipment, when the removal of the primary zone enclosures (APM or Portonave), Poly terminals will be responsible for failure and malfunctions in the cooling system or as well as parts, cut cables or missing cables.
i) The values shown above refer to Real (Brazilian currency).
j) The storage will be calculated on the value indicated in the Import Certificate (IC).
k) Minimum storage revenue: R$ 300.00 / container.
l) Condition / Payment term: On bank slip - debit, payment of fees at the time of goods removal.
m) It will be charged when the good is received at Poly Terminais. Poly Terminais has the right to issue partial charges to each new period that is expired. In case of non-payment on the agreed date, the depositary has the right to withhold the goods until the payment is made, according to Art. 644 of the new Brazilian Civil Code, in addition to interest charges, fines and other expenses.
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